Rapid growth brings new businesses to south College Station

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As more people are moving to South College Station, businesses are following right behind them.

Construction sites can be seen almost anywhere you look in south College Station. The city's economic development manager, Jennifer Prochazka, said the area is a quickly becoming a hot spot.

"The development in south College Station is really booming right now. That is where College Station is growing,” said Prochazka.

The Tower Point shopping center has a large number of projects in the works with PetSmart, Gold's Gym, Bahama Buck’s, Jimmy Changas, and Freddy's coming to the area.

Jesse Watkins lives in the area and said he is looking forward to having more options closer to his home.

"This is just really close to Pebble Creek, Castle Gate, and most of the other communities that have been put in over here. So it’s more centrally located for us,” said Watkins.

Natural features like creeks and rivers set limitations for the growth of East and West College Station, bringing more people and business to the south end of town.

“I think they have a hard time moving east and west here - so it just seems like things are moving further and further this way,” said Watkins.

Prochazka said the area around Highway 6 and William D. Fitch Parkway is about half way built out, leaving room for more projects. She also tells us a sit down restaurant and hotel are being talked about but no more specifics are being released just yet.

Watkins said the growth process is not always fun, but the convenience of having businesses nearby is worth the wait.

“The things you look forward to are the things that come out of it. Plus, this is really close to where I work. So, if you wanted to go to lunch, it is really easy to get somewhere. You don't have to drive into town. I feel like it's all a good thing,” said Watkins.

Texas A&M's rapid growth is also playing a role in South College Station's construction boom.