Recent car burglaries a reminder to lock your cars and valuables

BRAZOS COUNTY, Tex. (KBTX) - In the last few weeks, KBTX has reported on a number of vehicle burglaries in Bryan and College Station. They all serve as a reminder to lock your doors and hide your valuables.

On Sunday night, clients at Yoga Pod had their cars broken into. The thieves smashed open the windows of their cars.

"I think it was important for them to know we need to be careful anywhere in College Station now, and it's a shame because its really grown dramatically," said Cliff Latham, the owner of Yoga Pod.

In Bryan, three vehicles were burglarized on Monday night on Berger Drive. In those cases the cars were left unlocked.

While it may seem like we're constantly telling you about cases like this, Bryan and College Station police say it's cyclical.

"It just all depends. It's hard to nail down saying this particular month we have more than others. The majority of the time when we have students first come back in to town burglars like to take advantage of those opportunities," said Lt. Craig Anderson, the spokesperson for the College Station Police Department.

As of January 21, 2019, there have been 42 vehicles burglaries in Bryan. That numbers is up by 12 at this point in 2018. In College Station there have been 25 vehicles burglaries, which is down from the 33 in 2018.