Local farm lets you rent chickens

Published: Apr. 28, 2016 at 4:21 PM CDT
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It is common to rent cars, houses, and movies. Here in the Brazos Valley though, it is possible to rent a farm favorite. The program Rent The Chicken is new to our area and only the second affiliate in Texas.

The Gose Family is a Rent The Chicken affiliate out of Milano. They have about 100 chickens on their farm, and people wanting to learn more about chickens can rent a few of them at a time.

Suzanne Gose said, "You can rent the chickens. Either two chickens or four, the coop, all of the feed, all of the supplies. Have chickens in your backyard so you can get fresh eggs daily for up to six months. So it's basically farm fresh eggs without any commitment and no guilt if you change your mind or if it doesn't work out for some reason."

Sure, these farm favorites provide cage free eggs, but Suzanne says there is more to it than that.

"For the children, absolutely responsibility and beyond that, all of the physical science, biology, genetics, all kinds of things," said Suzanne.

Eleven-year-old Annagail Gose has enjoyed learning all about the science behind the chickens. "It's like watercolors, if you mix watercolors, it makes a different color. If you mix breeds, it makes a different color egg," said Annagail.

Jake Gose said, "Barred Rocks are a lot more friendly and they lay more. Basically they are like the 'Avatar' chicken because they are good meat chickens, they lay, and they are smart."

They have also learned about the different personalities of these farm animals.

Auddie Gose said, "This is my favorite chicken because they are pretty smart. She is also kind of mean because she ate my crackers."

Annagial said, "This is Houdini, she gets out of everything."

There is no shortage of fun on this farm and the Gose crew wants the same for your family.

Suzanne said, "I just really adore them, so I am excited that someone else may find out they are crazy about chickens too."

You can find out more about how you can rent a chicken

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