Rep. Flores shares memories of George H.W. Bush and discusses govt funding

BRYAN, Tex. (KBTX) - On Friday Congressman Bill Flores joined Brazos Valley This Morning by phone to talk about remembering former President George H.W. Bush and the federal government spending bill.

Throughout the week, ceremonies and funerals were held in Washington D.C., Houston, and College Station to commemorate the 41st president. Rep. Flores joined in honoring the late president. On Friday, he shared a story of one of the times he got to meet with H.W. Bush.

"One time, well before I ever thought about running for office, Gina and I were asked to join he and Barbara for dinner in his apartment at the library following one of the speakers events that he had at the library and I just assumed we'd be seated at a table far away but we were actually at the table with the president and Mrs. Bush. And I was amazed at two things. One is how humble both of them are and secondly, how funny Barbara is. When President Bush would say something a little bit awkward, she'd give him this look and you could tell he wasn't going to say it again. It was interesting to see the relationship they had. But I mean, the incredible love they had and just the humility and their dedication to public service, all of those things stuck with me."

Flores says that on Monday, members of Congress plan to introduce a resolution to honor Mr. Bush. Flores will also do a memorial segment on the House floor.

In addition to the attending Bush 41 ceremonies, Congress has kept busy over the week. Thursday, lawmakers passed a federal funding bill to help keep the government running through the next fiscal year. However, a more permanent solution is still needed.

Flores says both the House and Senate Appropriations Committees are working on a plan to fund the 25% of the government that wasn't funded through September. At the heart of the issue is border security. President Trump has threatened to shut down the government if there isn't funding for a border wall. Flores has previously said he is against that idea, though he does want to have a "full-fledged border security system funded."

"My hope is that we can find some sort of a compromise that will provide great funding for border security and also fund the rest of the government at adequate levels," Flores said Friday. He went on to add that the good news is that funding for the military has been secured through the end of the year.