Repairs underway in Alabama after Nate

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OCTOBER 9th, 2017 - Nate caused relatively little damage in Alabama, but it could still take days to deal with the storm's worst effects.

On Dauphin Island, Mayor Jeff Collier said workers were using heavy equipment Monday to remove as much as 6 feet of sand that washed across a more than 3-mile stretch of the island's main road and more than 20 side streets.

Collier says Nate "moved the beachfront on to the roadway," and neither power company nor city water workers can begin repairing damage until the road is clear.

To the east, at Gulf State Park, waves from the storm washed out removable flooring panels on a more than 1,500-foot-long fishing pier that was rebuilt after being destroyed by Hurricane Ivan in 2004. Workers were replacing the panels Monday with a goal of reopening the pier in time for the National Shrimp Festival, which opens Thursday in nearby Gulf Shores.

Alabama Power Co. said only 8,500 homes and businesses remained without electrical service, down from a high of nearly 146,000 customers without power at the worst of the storm.