Repeat drunk driver offender sentenced to 15 years for deadly crash in Bryan

BRYAN, Tex. (KBTX)- A Bryan man received a 15-year prison sentence in Brazos County this week for a deadly drunk driving accident in March 2018.

The maximum possible sentence by law for an Intoxication Manslaughter charge is 20 years.

Juan Hernandez, 25, pleaded guilty to Intoxication Manslaughter, according to the Brazos County District Attorney's Office. He had just completed his probation for a 2015 DWI charge in Robertson County.

The accident on Highway 6 at Highway 21 claimed the life of Mayte Gaitan, 23, a mother of two children.

Prosecutors say Hernandez was driving nearly 100 mph when his vehicle slammed into Gaitan's vehicle as she was attempting to turn into a McDonald's parking lot.

Police say Hernandez tried to flee the scene of the crash, but his vehicle broke down about a mile away from the site of the crash.

"“Despite his recent probation for driving while intoxicated, he again chose to endanger lives in our community," said Ryan Calvert, Brazos County assistant district attorney. "Because of that choice, two young children will grow up without a mother."

"Mr. Hernandez’s history, combined with his attempts to flee the scene and escape accountability, called for a stern sentence," Calvert said.