Residents discover hole in Robertson County neighborhood dam

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ROBERTSON COUNTY, Tex. (KBTX) - When Cassi Daw was returning home to her Lakeway Manor neighborhood Tuesday morning, she noticed a hole in the road where the dam is.

"When we left out, there was no hole there. When I came back in, Robertson County was down there," said Daw.

That's when she received some surprising news.

"That we were lucky that we got out because there's no dirt up underneath the dam that has fell in already," said Daw.

Crews got to work right away fixing the hole.

Robertson County Precinct 2 Commissioner Donald Threadgill says the problem was obvious.

"Too much rain, and too much pressure on the dam." said Threadgill.

County officials said the filling in and smoothing out will only be a temporary fix.

"We'll have to have some engineers look at it and find out what kind of damage is there, and then proceed from there," said Threadgill.

Threadgill says they have a plan if the dam were to burst.

"There's not but one resident who's below this dam that it could affect, and they've been notified. We're keeping them informed of the status of the dam," said Threadgill.

Daw hopes a permanent solution will come soon so no one gets hurt.

"We really care about all of our residents out here. We don't want anybody lost and we don't want anybody in the lake," said Daw.

County officials say they may have to hire a hydrologist to see if are any structural problems with the dam.