Residents in Steep Hollow area cleaning up after severe weather

Published: Jan. 13, 2020 at 5:54 PM CST
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Residents in eastern Brazos County are still cleaning up after damage from Friday night's storms.

Around 10 p.m. severe weather came through. The winds toppled trees, damaged buildings and caused a big mess for some residents in the Steep Hollow area.

On Oak Hollow Circle, east of Bryan is still shaking off what happened Friday night. Debris litters parts of the neighborhood damaging some properties while leaving others untouched.

"This is our patio cover and you may notice right above that, that red thing is a porch swing and when the cover came over the house it took the porch swing with it so. It's amazing what mother nature can do," said Bobby Mize, as he showed a huge piece of a covered porch that landed in the front yard.

Mize's home has downed trees, and damage to his roof after the covered patio went flying.

"I heard a horrible noise and like they always say like a sound of a freight train or a big moan and but it just unbelievable the sound that it made," Mize said.

They were inside the house when the storm hit.

"It scared me. I don’t’ scare easy," Mize added.

The noise and damage all happened in five seconds, according to Mize.

His neighbor behind him survived being tossed and turned in her travel trailer. Victoria Kennedy told KBTX she's banged and bruised up but otherwise ok.

"She was inside it and that was a scary event for her," said Mize.

On the other side of FM 1179 residents like Brandon Boren are still sweeping out broken window glass from his living room on Planters Loop. Mother Nature wasn't kind to his place inside or out.

"What was the back porch is gone. Back porch furniture you know all their stuff is just underneath all this disaster. We had two huge palm trees. That one's snapped," said Boren.

"I have no idea how fast they were moving. We had the back doors boarded when the front window busted," Boren said. He and his family had just gotten home from the movies Friday night when the storm hit.

"Yeah we got home just in time closed the door and then the water was just coming in sideways," Boren said. "It just started pouring in the door like somebody was sitting there with a squirt gun and just spraying it in the door. It was crazy," said Boren.

A storm these residents won't forget.

"I've never seen anything like it," said Boren.

"I think we were very fortunate to have what we had you know? It could have been a lot worse, much worse," said Mize.

It's believed gusts of more than 60 miles-per-hour came through the area.

But some of the residents we met with Monday wonder if it was a small tornado.

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