Conditions on a Somerville road are leaving residents in a rut

SOMERVILLE, Tex. (KBTX) - The people who live in the Oak Hill community have been asking for the property owner to repair the road for almost ten years.

Recent rains have left a number of potholes and deep tire tracks in Private Road 4016. Residents said the road becomes impassable and muddy during and after a rain storm.

"A lot of the time, we actual prep before rain. We go shopping and everything just to make sure we have everything we need before it rains," said Heather Krause. She moved to the subdivision ten months ago and quickly learned about the rough road conditions.

"Nobody is able to get in or out of this road. People have gotten stuck. Ambulances have gotten stuck," said Krause.

Residents said one of their biggest concerns is about emergency vehicles getting out there. A number of people have medical issues.

"My mom has heart issues. She's had cardiac arrest before and that absolutely needs to get an ambulance out here ASAP if that happens," said Krause. Another problem, said Krause, is a bridge at the front of the subdivision is deteriorating.

KBTX visited the Oak Hill community back in 2010 and residents had the same issues. At that time they were signing a petition to send to the property owner. Krause said they're hoping that by speaking out the owner will come up with a solution.

"I'm hoping that she at least comes out, updates the road, and sells it to the county. By all means, if she can't even do that, at least give us some rights so that we can fix it up ourselves," said Krause.

Community members have gone to the county before, but by state law, they can't do work on private property. In 2010, Burleson County Judge Mike Sutherland told KBTX they had tried working with the developer.

KBTX spoke with the property owner Thursday, she told us she heard from residents recently and plans to meet with them in the next two weeks.