Rose Spa massage parlor in Bryan reopens after prostitution sting

BRYAN - Rose Spa massage parlor in Bryan is back open after the company was accused of prostitution and operating without a license in February 2016.

An employee of the business located on E. 29th St., told KBTX Tuesday they've only been open for a couple of days.

The employee said after they received their Massage Therapy Establishment license they reopened their doors.

KBTX checked with the Department of State Health Services and confirmed the new license is legit. It took effect on July 19th.

"We give customers Swedish and Deep Tissue massages," said the employee.

She wouldn't admit to the reason Rose Spa closed back in February, but the closing was due to a months-long investigation that included two other massage parlors in Bryan.

The other massage parlors involved were Chi Massage on S. Texas, Chi Massage on Royal.

Neighboring business owners aren't comfortable with Rose Spa opening back up, saying that just in the last few days they've seen customers coming in from the back door.

One even said a parlor employee pushed the mailman out the door saying to slide mail under the door from now on, instead of coming inside.

The Rose Spa license we confirmed includes a mailing address from Killeen.

Along with the ones closed here in Bryan, many massage parlors in Houston were closed back in February as well.

We spoke with Bryan police today, who say if someone makes an official complaint they will investigate, but for now the parlor is a legitimate business with a valid license.