Rudder High School offering new barber class

Published: Oct. 6, 2017 at 2:00 PM CDT
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Students at Rudder High School are working in style in a brand new class -- in a profession spanning thousands of years. The campus just started a barber school program.

The "Cutting Edge" program is a new career option for the high school students. The two year course consists of juniors and seniors who are considering barbering as a line of work either part time and full time.

"I was pretty interested in [the class] because I always wanted to do barbering. I always wanted to have my own barbershop," said junior Randy Cardenas.

The class also gives Rudder students flexibility as they consider their career plans, post high school.

"This program, can be really expensive, so I'm glad I have the opportunity to be in it now instead of having to go to an actual barber school and having to pay all that money," said Rudder High student Natalya Rodriguez.

Bryan ISD said the program can save students $10,000 to $20,000 in certification costs alone.

Benjamin Roberts is a professional barber and the instructor of Cutting Edge. Roberts told KBTX that there's a demand for this job. It also gives the students the potential to be their own boss, or maybe open a business.

"The certification process is going to take 1,500 hours to finish this course," said Roberts. "That will allow students the opportunity to then go take their test in front of the State of Texas -- after that -- once they pass their on the journey to their own paths."

Right now the students are learning the history of barbering as well as how to do this job safely. In the next few weeks they will start cutting hair and putting these new skills to work.

The students believe they will be comfortable cutting hair soon.

"We're just taking it really slow so we can get everything in," said Rodriguez. "We are learning everything it takes to be a good barber."

Right now there are nine students in the class.

Bryan ISD told KBTX that Rudder is only the second high school in the state to offer a barbering program.