Punishment deliberations to resume Friday for drunk driver who killed Bryan man, baby

HAYS COUNTY, Tex. (KBTX)- A drunk driver who killed a Bryan man and his unborn baby on Highway 21 in San Marcos will have to wait another day before learning her punishment from a Hays County jury.

Jurors will return to the courthouse on Friday to continue deliberations following several days of emotional testimony, including apologetic statements from Shana Elliott, the suspect.

Jurors on Wednesday heard from Kristian Guerrero, the woman who lost her child and husband in the August 2016 crash.

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Elliott, 22, entered a plea of guilty on Monday for two counts of intoxication manslaughter and intoxication assault.

On the stand Thursday, Elliott asked for forgiveness "from the bottom of my heart" and said her decision to drive home drunk after spending a day floating the river with friends was the "worst decision ever."

“We decided to go float the river, we weren’t thinking ahead, we didn’t plan who was going to be driving,” Elliott said on the stand. “The float ended around 5 and that’s when nobody else was going to drive and I decided that I would.”

Investigators said Elliott was in opposite lanes of traffic on Highway 21 and going close to 70 mph when her vehicle collided with the victim's vehicle. They also said Elliott did not apply brakes before the impact.

Witnesses at the scene of the crash said Elliott exited her vehicle after the collision and tossed a half-empty bottle of whiskey under her own car.

At Elliott’s home, investigators found meth, heroin and a large bag of marijuana. On the stand, Elliott admitted to being addicted to heroin at one time. She said she smoked marijuana, but never did meth. She said after a previous arrest for drugs she had plans to sober up.