Secrets to better sleep: take the TV out of the bedroom, quit hitting snooze

BRYAN, Tex. (KBTX) - We all know the situation:

Photo: Pexels

The alarm clock goes off.

You hit snooze.

You tell yourself it's good because you're getting more sleep.

Then, you're groggy all morning.

David Earnest, a researcher on body clocks and Circadian rhythm, says there's a scientific reason that hitting the snooze button doesn't actually help us.

"You're delaying your waking, and it's confusing your body clock," said Earnest on First News at Four. "Creates a fuzziness that usually will persist 2-4 hours."

Earnest says that if you get up when the alarm goes off--provided you've had the quantity and quality of sleep you need--you'll feel more refreshed.

"Consistency is the best bet," said Earnest.

Another recent study says that falling asleep with the television or lights on can lead to weight gain and other issues.


"The exposure to blue light...jet lags our biological clocks, which sets our metabolism off," Earnest said, "leading to eating behaviors like eating at the wrong time."

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