Security measures in place for President Bush’s arrival in College Station

COLLEGE STATION, Tex. (KBTX) - Law enforcement agencies from across the nation have been working together to make sure everything runs smoothly for Thursday’s events in College Station.

Officers in the Brazos Valley have worked with Secret Service for 10 years and planned the perfect trip for the 41st president to his final resting place.

"It's a tremendous honor for our university and the communities to be the resting place for the Bush family," said Chris Meyer, the Associate Vice President for Safety and Security at Texas A&M University.

Texas A&M police are securing the perimeter of the campus, while College Station police will manage traffic control in the area. All agencies are offering their assistance.

"Citizens come from Bryan, from the county, you have students at Texas A&M, you have citizens that may come up from Houston. It's important that we have all resources available," said Lt. Craig Anderson with the College Station Police Department.

Secret Service have the reins on the security plan, but local agencies are making communication between Houston and College Station happen

“Time and history show that your ability to successfully complete a mission relies on your ability directly to communicate," said Thomas Gilbert, a manager with the Brazos Valley Radio System.

Gilbert says mobile command units were brought to Navasota, just yards away from where 'Bush 4141' train will pass along the tracks.

"These plans can be fluid if things change. We're able to adapt to those changes and move with the process," Gilbert said.

All of these agencies are working together; making sure the process is as seamless as possible and comforting for the entire Bush family. Other local agencies that are also helping out with Thursday’s security are Bryan police, DPS, and the Brazos County Sheriff's Office.