Self-driving pizza delivery car among new tech at CES

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In trending news this morning, CES unveils hot new tech, puppies are being featured on Tinder for a good cause, and Minnesota has Ice Castles.

First up, the Consumer Electronics Show has kicked off in Las Vegas and the hottest products and concepts in consumer technology are being shown off, including a self driving pizza delivery car. It's a concept vehicle from Toyota called the E-pallette. Pizza Hut has teamed up with Toyota to develop the self driving pizza deliveries. But the automaker has bigger plans than just delivering pies. The E-palette has an open interior space and comes in lengths from thirteen to 23 feet. That makes it large enough to hold small stores that can drive themselves to consumers on demand.

Another big talker this year is a 65 inch television that rolls up like a map. The company 'LG Display' showed off a flexible-screen prototype Monday. The OLED model is much larger and rolls into a box for storage, or even hidden in a ceiling or table. LG Display sells to manufacturers, so you won't be seeing these for sale just yet.

Also trending, the "Puppy Bowl" wants you to swipe right. The stars of Animal Planet's annual Super Bowl alternative are getting profiles on Tinder. Users of the dating app can "swipe right" on the puppies' profiles to donate to help shelter pets across the U.S., from now until February 4th.

Lastly, the Ice Castles in Stillwater, Minnesota are officially open to the public. The attraction features tunnels, towers, fountains, slides, frozen thrones, and they put color-changing LEDs in the ice.

25 million pounds of ice were used to create the massive sculpture. Organizers recommend wearing boots when walking at the castle and also bringing children in small sleds versus strollers.