Sheree Boegner steps into role of community leader and Jefferson Award honoree

Published: Apr. 11, 2019 at 11:18 PM CDT
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KBTX is once again honoring incredible community volunteers, and this week we are proud to highlight the winners of our 2019 Jefferson Awards for Public Service.

News 3's Rusty Surette begins our series with the story of Sheree Boegner, the founder of the annual Sassy Shoe Social.

"I am everywhere, but it's only because amazing things are happening in this community."

A loyal advocate that has more awards and recognition for her contributions to area non-profits than she can count, Sheree's passion to help others is what led her to one of the more unique events in the Brazos Valley: the Sassy Shoe Social.

"I think it's funny most people compliment me on my tennis shoes."

What started as a social gathering is now a celebration and fundraiser for Phoebe's Home, That's an organization that free services for those affected by domestic violence. They've been able to upgrade the center's children's playroom and playground at the shelter.

"Kids need to be able to be kids. If they're being kids they can be creative and relax form the horrible situations they've been in."

Sheree's been swinging from one good deed to another her whole life, but in her eyes, there's always room for more, so she's going back to school.

"I thought why not go to grad school, learn more about non-profit management, and see what else I can do."

Growing up, 4-H and FFA had a way of pushing her to be something bigger than herself by helping others. They also taught her to be a leader.

"To be a good leader you've really got to care about where you're going and what's going on in the world, and you can't do that if you're just focused on yourself."

At a ceremony Tuesday, one of our honorees will be picked to attend the national Jefferson Awards. The Jefferson Awards will air Thursday, April 18 right here on KBTX.