Simple steps to getting your home organized in the new year

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COLLEGE STATION, Tex. (KBTX) - Did you vow to get your home organized in the new year?

News 3's Courtney Burris learned how to tackle three common problem areas from a local professional organizer.

Laury Kasowski, owner of Clutter Be Gone Designs, advises that breaking your goal of being organized down into rooms and then into smaller projects within those rooms makes your goal more attainable.

"This month I am going to focus on the kitchen. This week we are going to do the pantry, next week it will be the spice rack, next week it's the pots and pans. However that works for you. Then, at the end of the month, you're done, and you've actually accomplished something you've set out to do," explained Kasowski.

Kasowski gave simple steps on how to start organizing your pantry, spice rack, and closet.

Organizing your pantry will not just make it look better, but can actually help you make healthier food choices. If you get rid of some of the unhealthy foods and organize your healthier foods in a simple way, you are more likely to make a good food choice.

The spice rack is another project you can tackle in the kitchen that won't take too much time. Kasowski says the beginning of the year is a good time to go through your spices and throw out ones that are out of date or that you don't use anymore.

Depending on your cabinet space, you may want to think about getting an adjustable shelf that you can use to store your spices. The key is to be able to clearly see what spices you have so that they are easier to find when you are cooking and so that you do not accidentally buy duplicates.

If you have a pre-labeled spice rack, Kasowski says don't hesitate to relabel the jars and fill them with spices that you use more often.

In the closet, the beginning of the calendar year is the best time to flip all of your hangers around the opposite direction. Once you wear the piece of clothing, put the hanger back on the rack the correct way. By doing that, it will be easy to see what you actually wear throughout a all of the seasons. That will make it easier to see what you can easily get rid of.

Kasowski keeps her closet organized throughout the year by getting rid of similar pieces of clothing when she gets something new. Before she buys two new dresses, she makes sure there are two she wants to get rid of.

You can watch the attached videos for more simple organizing steps.

If you would like Kasowski to help you organize parts of your home, you can learn more about her availability and pricing on her website. There is a link to it under the related links section of this page.