Small businesses continue to succeed as the area grows

Published: Nov. 1, 2017 at 6:37 PM CDT
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As the Brazos Valley grows, bigger box stores have started to move in - but some small businesses are still holding on to the spots where they first got their start.

Steve Kapchinskie, who owns Martin's Place, said he's watched the area change over the years.

"It's changing. All these apartments around here and the traffic….the traffic," said Steve Kapchinskie.

The Kapchinskie's have owned the barbecue spot in Bryan since 1925. Steve's grandfather Martin had built the place after moving down from Marlin. The restaurant has stuck around as the area grew around them.

"Every once and a while someone will come in and say 'y'all are still here? I thought you closed.' No, no, no we're still here and we're going to stay here," said Kapchinskie

It all started out as a pit stop.

"People would come up from the Brazos bottom to go to Bryan with their wagons to pick up supplies and they'd stop here and buy soda and barbecue sandwiches on their journey," said Kapchinskie.

They said while the scenery has changed, they haven't.

"We're not modern. No computers in here. We just keep it simple. I think that's the reason that we've been here so long. There's been a lot of hard work here and I'm just proud to be part of it and I know my grandfather and my dad are still looking down saying keep it going son…you gotta keep it going."

Down the road in College Station, Aggieland Barber Shop is still up and running after 64 years.

"Between here and the G Rollie white or Kyle Field – there were some coyotes running around. It was really, really rural," said owner Jesse Medina.

"Northgate is changing as you can see all the construction going around here."

Medina said the key to sticking around so long is making sure customers leave satisfied.

"I try to the best I can on everybody."

He said he has no plans of stopping.

"As long as my health keeps up and as long as customers keep appreciating what I do – with the Lord willing, I'll be here as long as I can," said Medina.

For both of the owners they say the cities may grow, and things may change, but they're not going anywhere.

"Nothing is forever but I've been here a long time and I plan to stay here as long as I can," said Medina.

"We've made it this far the way we're doing it so keep it going," said Kapchinskie.