After a year of work, Smetana Road construction nearing completion

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BRAZOS COUNTY, Tex. (KBTX) - Residents along Smetana Road have dealt with rocks, mud and dirty cars for a year. Road work has stretched their patience thin.

It's been a nightmare for Cody Perez. Dealing with the construction and road work has added seven miles to his daily commute. He's lived in the Smetana community for nearly 30 years. He said, just recently, things got worse.

"About three months ago, they removed the pavement from the roadway. Since then, its been dirt and mud with all the rain that we've had. Just basically hazard for the community," said Perez.

Smetana Road is the main way in and out for the community. The portion being worked on stretches about a mile and a half, from Highway 21 to the railroad tracks. Alternative routes out of the community can take drivers pretty far away, down roads like OSR and Sandy Point Road.

Tuesday, crews were working on the road. They were grading and smoothing out some of the bumps that developed after this week's rain. Brazos County Road and Bridge Director Gary Arnold said the reason for some of the delays was the county had to buy right of ways to widen the road. It took several months for utilities to relocate their lines.

"It'll get finished. Once they get through, it'll be better than what it is," said Brazos County Judge Duane Peters. He said the road is being rebuilt to handle increased traffic. Judge Peters said a company moved out on Smetana Road and has brought a lot of heavy truck traffic.

"That road needed to be rebuilt, needed to be widened just a little to make it safer," said Peters.

The good news is residents should start seeing some improvements this week. The county plans to start putting in a limestone base on Wednesday. They expect most of the project should be finished in about six weeks. The county is still waiting on a permit from the railroad to work on the train crossing further down Smetana Road.

In addition to work on Smetana Road, the Texas Department of Transportation is working on improvements to Highway 21. The project will create a safer entrance to the Texas A&M RELLIS Campus.