Snook ISD planning $7.5 million bond election for November

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SNOOK, Tex. (KBTX) - Snook Independent School District is seeing gains in its accountability scores. Ratings released by the Texas Education Agency this week show the district is meeting standard. Last year, the district was taken off of probation after they'd been marked as an improvement required district. They also meet standard last year.

Superintendent Brenda Krchnak tells KBTX they plan to carry that progress forward this coming school year. That progress also has the district feeling optimistic for the future. The school board is ordering a $7.5 million bond election. Voters will decide if they want to add millions of dollars in improvements at Snook ISD.

Krchnak says it's part of an effort to provide the best educational experience they can for students.

"We want to expand the secondary cafeteria. We're looking at a fine arts and career and technology education classroom addition. Those classes are currently being held in regular ed classrooms and they need a little bit more specialized facility. We're looking at renovating our existing maintenance facility and putting two classrooms in that area," said Krchnak.

Some of the items are for safety including new fencing and an upgrade to their weight room.

"We lift here in the hallways as well as our secondary cafeteria," said Krchnak, as she showed us weight equipment in a narrow hallway.

They also want to redo the track and build a football stadium, update parking, build a covered area for their school buses and after adding space remove these portable buildings. There are also plans to upgrade the baseball field.

"I think for the school in order to progress they need to look at some changes and building some new things," said Frankie Jaster, who has lived in Snook 45 years and once served on the school board.

He and other residents we talked to were just learning about the plan.

"I think in this area you're going to have to explain the fact that what you're going to have to raise the taxes and you'll have to sell that idea to the people because they're more conservative on their money and they'll want to know exactly what they are getting for those taxes," he said.

"It's an exciting time and it's now up to the citizens what they want. We want to get the factual information out to everyone. School is always open. Come tour the facilities. Come ask questions, come look for yourself. Make sure that you have the right information as you go to the polls in November," said Krchnak.

The district will be planning forums for the community to explain the bond before they decide in November. The maximum tax increase would be 15 cents per $100 valuation. Krchnak tells us that means a $100,000 property could pay an additional $112.50 a year in taxes. She says the rate could be less depending on bond rates at time of sale.