Snook ISD says accountability test scores look significantly better

Published: Aug. 10, 2016 at 5:10 PM CDT
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Snook ISD is hoping to be off probation soon with the Texas Education Agency after failing to meet state standards in recent years.

The district's superintendent and parents met with us Wednesday and are optimistic about their progress report.

Teachers at Snook ISD are preparing for another school year and Wednesday included an important discussion on their accountability ratings .

In 2015 the Texas Education Agency found they still weren't meeting standards and had their accredited status revoked.

The district has been in danger of being shut down but Superintendent Brenda Krchnak says preliminary STAAR Test scores look significantly better.

"We've really changed the climate. Our kids are dedicated, our teachers are dedicated. We've made substantial progress and we got to report that to the board," said Krchnak of Snook ISD.

While there were major glitches with STAAR testing around the state this past school year, Krchnak is confident the scores they've received are accurate.

"Unfortunately some students aren't necessarily reported to the correct district but, and we had a few of those in our younger grade levels but even with those struggles we're very confident that we are going to receive above standard rating," explained Krchnak.

If all goes well the district's probationary period could end soon and the TEA monitor could be removed as early as September 1st.

"All that goes away. The district will be fully accredited again," said Krchnak.

Parents like PTO volunteer Nikki Sebesta and booster club Member Ericka Junek are pleased with the progress.

" My girls personally were very excited about how far they'd come last year towards the end of the year. I know they worked really hard and the teachers worked very hard," said Sebesta, who has three kids in school here.

"I feel like the administration, the teachers have done all they can do to this point to help our students to improve. They've you know spent money, they've done extra tutoring for kids after school and on weekends and I mean if they're going to work that hard we've got to see improvement," said Junek a Snook ISD parent of two.

School Board President Kristine Brisco also shared her thoughts with us.

"We are very proud of our teachers. Our students have stepped up this year and feel good about the direction the district is going. We have a very good group of dedicated teachers. Can’t say enough about how hard teachers and students have worked under a lot of pressure," said Brisco.

She also said she couldn’t be prouder.

"We have a lot of work to do. We are very determined to make sure we don’t digress. We stand ready to support our administrators and do what we need to do to provide resources giving directions under our purview and don’t regress and go backwards. Once we see it on paper by TEA we’ll definitely be celebrating. Keeping perspective what we need to do to excel. I have a tremendous amount of respect for our teachers I know it’s not an easy job. I know they don’t always get the respect they deserve," added Brisco.

Snook ISD has more than 500 students.

Final results from TEA will be released Friday.

Somerville ISD also currently has a TEA monitor as their district works to improve.