Somerville community mourns four lives lost in weekend crash

Published: May. 11, 2020 at 9:59 PM CDT
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The Somerville community is mourning the loss of four people who died following a weekend vehicle crash.

The victims in Saturday's collision have been identified as Chase Sowders, 18, Jasmine Maxwell, 18, Payton Francis, 6, and Justin Richard, 37. The driver of the other vehicle was left in critical condition.

Justin Bellis knows families who lost loved ones in the wreck. He says there is little relief right now.

“They’re just devastated. They’re mourning. There’s nothing anybody could say or do to help them right now,” said Bellis.

With Somerville being a small town, everybody seems to know each other. So when the accident happened, it didn’t take long for the entire community to hear about it.

“Within hours it probably went through the whole community,” said Bellis.

Lauren Brewster was a close friend of Jasmine Maxwell. She says the tragedy has caused the community to take action in supporting the families of the victims.

“There’s GoFundMes. There’s prayers going out. There’s people gathering together to make sure the families good,” says Brewster.