Sonic releases pickle juice slush for limited time

In trending news this morning, Sonic debuts a pickle juice slush, glitter beer mesmerizes craft drinkers, and Coca Cola gets a new look.

First up, Sonic is debuting four new flavors to their slush menu on Monday. The company tweeted, "Calling all pickle lovers! The pickle juice slush is coming this Monday, June 11th. Get your taste buds ready for pickle juice deliciousness."

The other flavors are "Bahama Mama," Blue Hawaiian" and "Tiger's Blood." However, the "Pickle Juice" slush has created the most buzz online. Sonic describes its taste as sweet, but tart.

Also trending, "glitter beer" is a viral new trend in craft beer. The mesmirizing beverage has been brewed by a Milwaukee brewery and features edible glitter to give it a unique sheen.

The glitter is an FDA-approved dust that brewers can add to the keg as they fill it with beer. Plus, the glitter doesn't affect the taste of the beer.

Lastly, Coca Cola is going clear. The soda giant is releasing a completely clear and calorie free version of its signature drink in Japan this week.

The manufacturer left out the caramel ingredients that give regular coke its signature color, making the beverage clear. The flavor was replaced with Lemon. There's no word yet on when or if the drink will be released in the U.S.