South Carolina boy honored by College Station firefighters

The death of a four-year-old in a South Carolina fire this week is touching the hearts of many, including firefighters in College Station

James Rough and his family died in a mobile home fire this week.

A family member posted to Facebook that James' dream was to be a firefighter, and if emergency service team would honor James by being "on duty" from January 8-12.

They asked if any department that posted would you #RaughOnDuty

"Some put stickers on helmets or on the truck saying he was in essence on duty with the fire department that day," said Chrsitina Seidel, a Community Risk Reduction Specialist with the College Station Fire Department

College Station Fire Department honored James by posting a photo to Facebook of a Firefighter getting onto a truck with James' name on the back of a jacket. The post read "see you on the truck."

The family was laid to rest on Friday.