Specialty license plate raises money for sea turtle research

Texas Department of Motor Vehicles Sea Turtle Specialty License Plate
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GALVESTON, Tex. (KBTX) - Texas A&M Galveston's Sea Turtle Research Center has teamed up with the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles to create a new specialty license plate.

The plate features a sea turtle and the words "share the gulf".

Sales from the plate, which costs $30, will raise money for the new Gulf Center for Sea Turtle Research.

There are three ways to purchase one for your car:

1. Apply in person at their county tax office with application form VTR-999 (if plates are applied for in person at the county tax office and the county registers the new plates to the vehicle, the plates will be mailed directly to the customers address on file) https://www.txdmv.gov/forms

2. Mail the form VTR-999 to their local county tax office (submitting the form by mail, the county may not register the plates to the vehicle. The plates will be shipped to the customers main county tax office 3 to 4 weeks from processing) https://www.txdmv.gov/forms

3. Apply online at https://renew.txdmv.gov/Renew/SpecialPlateOrderServlet?grpid=60&pltid=447. The customer, if ordering for a trailer or motorcycle, will need to collapse the “organizations” listing of plates indicated at the left of the page and open the list of plates for motorcycle or trailers.

You can learn more about the Gulf Center for Sea Turtle Research at their new site, tamug.edu/GulfCenterforSeaTurtleResearch.