Stolen car crashes into four parked cars, suspect runs off

BRYAN, Tex. (KBTX) - A vehicle that was reported stolen three days ago crashed into four parked cars late Wednesday night. Bryan police said no one was hurt.

Residents at a Bryan apartment complex woke up to first responders in their parking lot after police say a stolen white Pontiac crashed into four cars.

"I see a white car standing right there, hitting the other car besides me, smashed my car into another car over here," said Arnufo Hernandez.

Hernandez was coming home from work when he saw the chaos. His family's red SUV was sandwiched between two cars.

“There's a lot of damage,” Hernandez said.

Other neighbors shared photos from the crash with KBTX. There are broken windows, car doors smashed in, and car parts scattered. Police say they are still looking for who did it.

"Somebody witnessed somebody running from the scene, but couldn't get any ID,” said Christopher Gonzales.

Gonzales says his girlfriend's Jeep was the last car hit. He never expected to wake up to that kind of scene right outside his home.

"It actually seemed kind of surreal that something like that would happen in this neighborhood. Most people drive really safe because there's a lot of kids around here," Gonzales continued. “It moved all vehicles at least a foot and a half to two feet."

Thursday, residents are left picking up the pieces and trying to move forward.

“I got to go break my bank and get another car because of what happened now," Hernandez said.

Bryan police say the suspect took off on foot from the crash scene. Investigators say that stolen car was unlocked with the keys inside when it was taken on January 7.