Stranger Things star dances with penguins

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In trending news this morning, Stranger Things' Chief Hopper shows off his happy feet, Cleveland billboards call for a LeBron move, and a robotic barista does more than make coffee.

First up, David Harbour, who plays Police Chief Jim Hopper on the Netflix series "Stranger Things" danced with the penguins in Antarctica on Valentine's Day. Harbour started a social media campaign looking to join Greenpeace on a trip to the Antarctic to see penguins. The environmental group took him up on his offer and the actor shortly after found himself dancing on Danco Island. The aim of the trip is to raise awareness into the environmental challenges facing this part of the world and to call for an Antarctic ocean sanctuary to protect whales and penguins.

Also trending, a Pennsylvania company is using billboards in Cleveland to catch LeBron James' attention and Cavs fans may not be too happy about it. The first sign features #23 (LeBron's jersey number) in maroon with a crown on it alongside four Philadelphia 76ers players. A few feet down the road is the second billboard which says "Complete The Process." And the last one gets right to the point and says #PhillyWantsLeBron." The billboards will be up there for a while. The company paid for three months, but the 76ers will get to see the company's handiwork when they come to town Thursday to play the Cavs.

Lastly, a new coffee bar in San Francisco has a robot barista serving up drinks with personality. "Robin" at Cafe X can push out three drinks in just 40 seconds but she also has a few tricks up her sleeve. In addition to making drinks she can Wave, "tada" and "voila" to show off her impressive creations. Cafe X CEO Henry Hu says human staffers are just as important in the robotic coffee bar experience. The employees work as coffee and operations specialists to help you pick your perfect drink.