Young boy struck by lightning caught on camera

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Trending this morning, And check out this viral video from Argentina. A 12-year-old boy was playing in some heavy rain with an umbrella when a violent lightning bolt struck him in the middle of his patio.

Somehow, the child was not killed.The video was taken by his mother and shows that exact moment the lightning struck.

In other trending news, Amazon is ready to deliver your orders right inside your home. The new "Amazon key," coming next month, will allow delivery people access inside your home when you're not there. A camera will record it.

Customers will have to buy the WiFi-connected lock from the company for $250 to use the service. It will initially be available in 37 cities.

Finally, you know how dogs sometimes look like they're smiling when their mouths are open? Well, a rescue dog in Waller county named Cheech may have taken the cake with his merry mug. In one shot, the pooch shows his pearly whites in an expression that's something between a growl and a grin. But then, in another shot, he closes his mouth, beaming with a happy smile.

The City of Waller Animal Shelter and Rescue posted the pictures on Facebook, and they quickly went viral. Not long after, he was adopted!