Student arrested after another threat made at Wellborn Middle School

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COLLEGE STATION, Tex. (KBTX) - A student is facing charges after making a threat against Wellborn Middle School.

According to an email sent to parents, district officials said a student notified the staff about a threatening comment made by another student. Staff members reported the comment to the School Resource Deputy.

After an investigation, it was determined there was no danger to the school and the student was arrested. The email from the district asked parents to have a serious conversation with their kids about these kinds of situations.

This is the second threat in two weeks for Wellborn Middle School. A threat investigated on September 30 proved no danger to the school as well.

All parents of middle and high school students in the district also got the following email from district officials, addressing the multiple threats that have been made this school year:

Dear CSISD Middle and High School Families:

Since the beginning of this school year, we have had several students arrested for making terroristic threats. These threats have come in several forms, including person-to-person conversations, social media posts and even writing a threat on a poster in a bathroom.

This is a very disturbing trend, to say the least.

I wanted to take this opportunity to tell you about how CSISD approaches these situations and the seriousness involved.

When a threat is reported, we immediately notify our School Resource Deputy or College Station PD, who investigate the incident. In all of the cases so far, the investigation has concluded that the student had no intent to carry out the threat nor had the means to carry out the threat.

In the eyes of the law, however, intent or means is only a part of what is considered in the investigation. If anyone feels threatened by another person’s actions, the crime of making a terroristic threat has been committed.

I want to be clear on CSISD’s stance regarding making terroristic threats. We will pursue charges if the investigation reveals that a threat was made.

In our effort to educate our students and the community, we have produced a video to share with our middle and high school students. The video includes comments from Brazos County District Attorney Jarvis Parsons and Sergeant Jacob Yarter of the Brazos County Sheriff’s Office. A link to the video is provided below.

The video outlines the gravity of making threatening remarks or posting threatening messages to social media. In addition, it makes sure students understand the repercussions of making a threat and that CSISD, local law enforcement, and the Brazos County District Attorney’s Office will take it seriously.

Fortunately, we have students who have spoken up when they were presented with these threats. We also encourage you to talk to your child(ren) about speaking up if they feel threatened.

We cannot do this alone and need your help. Please take some significant time to speak with your child(ren) regarding this situation. Below are some talking points you can use.

• Make sure your child(ren) know it is not funny and we do not take these situations lightly.
• Any threatening action toward our campuses, even if it’s meant to be a joke, will be taken seriously and charges will be pursued.
• Even if there is never an intent to carry out a threat or the student does not have the means to carry out the threat, the student can and will be held accountable for making the threat.
• Students can speak to any teacher or administrator if they feel threatened.
• If students do not feel comfortable speaking to someone directly, students can use anonymous reporting applications located on the front page of all campus websites.
• Although your child will be shown the video mentioned earlier, feel free to use it in your discussions. LINK: CSISD Threat Video

The safety and security of our students, campuses, faculty and staff are our highest priority. We appreciate your support of CSISD and encourage you to take an active role in helping us alleviate this current issue.

Clark Ealy
CSISD Superintendent of Schools