Student arrested after gun found at Huntsville High School

Published: Apr. 19, 2019 at 10:56 AM CDT
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A student was arrested from Huntsville High School after police found an unloaded handgun on campus.

Huntsville High Principal William Roberts sent out an email Thursday afternoon saying one student saw a Snapchat video of another student with a handgun and reported it to administration. The student was arrested and removed from campus.

Roberts says they applaud the student who notified them and the incident was handled quickly without incident.

Read Principal Roberts' full email below:

"Dear Huntsville High School Parents/Guardians, The purpose of this message is to inform you of an incident that occurred on campus today. A student saw a Snapchat video of another student in possession of a handgun. The student immediately made a report to campus administration who initiated an investigation with School Resources Officer assistance. The student was quickly identified and brought in for questioning. During questioning, an unloaded handgun was confiscated from the student. The student was taken into custody by the SRO. Appropriate disciplinary action was taken as per the Student Code of Conduct. The student was arrested and removed from campus for further processing. We are very thankful for today’s safe outcome. We applaud the student who alerted this matter to administration so that it could be handled swiftly without incident. We must once again remind everyone that we ALL play a critical role in helping to keep Huntsville High School safe. The safety of all of our students and staff will always be our highest priority. Please continue to report anything concerning or suspicious as soon as possible. Stress to your student that there are strict consequences for bringing unlawful items onto school property. We will not tolerate weapons of any kind on this campus."

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