Students help with Franklin tornado relief efforts

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FRANKLIN, Tex. (KBTX)- There will be some sense of normalcy in Robertson County Tuesday.

Franklin students will return to class now that power has been restored to their schools following a weekend tornado.

On Monday many of them spent the day in their community helping neighbors who were hit hard by the storm.

"We're helping people by providing supplies, personal hygiene stuff, food clothes, just about everything," said Ayla Wolf, a Franklin Middle School student.

It's a mission trip close to home for kids at the Church of Christ in Franklin as the youth group and other teens help with relief efforts in this small town.

While their church was spared from Saturday's tornado, a few blocks down, other neighbors' lives are upside down.

"I hope they're all okay, and even though their house is damaged, their life is more important than a building," said Holly Cottrell, a Franklin Elementary School student.

Their church has turned into a community supply center with everything from cleanup kits, clothes, to food.

"Me and a bunch of my friends and other people in the youth group are helping people load stuff in to their cars and take it off to their homes so they can use it," said Jackson Chrane, a Franklin Middle School student.

"The youth in this area still have a lot of lessons to teach us older people," said Blan Chrane, Franklin Church of Christ Minister and father of Jackson.

"Seeing people okay is just a relief that no ones hurt and that they're all recovering," said Cottrell. "It just makes you feel good about yourself and knowing that you are helping people even though that's not you," she said.

Some area school districts including Hearne and Calvert ISD's said Monday they are also looking at ways to help their neighbors in Franklin.

Groups wanting to volunteer in the area should contact the Emergency Operations Center at (979) 828-6880.