A&M students find rabid bat during Auburn game, University says 'don't touch'

COLLEGE STATION, Tex (KBTX) - Texas A&M University is warning people to stay clear from bats in Kyle Field.

The University says they have taken steps to help mitigate the bat problem in Kyle field like placing special nets under the stands.

“We have taken a lot of measures to exclude bats from Kyle Field but there are still some that come and try to find a home there," said Christina Robertson, the director of Environmental Health and Safety for Texas A&M University.

They’re asking people who see any bats, to not touch them.

“If you see a bat don’t touch it, it’s best to avoid contact altogether. If you do see a bat on the ground though, certainly let someone know so that we can have our pest control come and take care of it,” said Robertson.

During the Auburn, game two students came in contact with a bat while in the stands. The students, Amber Stone and Madelyn Mayrgundter say the bat flew into Mayrgundter's chest.

“I was just like shocked to see it on me, I just had an immediate reaction to swipe it off,” said Maygrundter.

After the bat hit the ground Stone says she used a tee shirt to pick it up because she was scared people were going to step on it.

“I looked for the most important person I could find which was a police officer, and I went up to here and was like hey yo I have a bat,” said Stone.

Stone and Mayrgundter say the bat was taken to get tested for rabies and came back positive, both girls have now received rabies vaccinations.