Study: CSPD needs 23 more officers to patrol efficiently

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COLLEGE STATION, Tex. (KBTX) - The city of College Station’s 2020 proposed budget includes additional funding for the city’s police department.

The service level adjustment includes five new officers, five police assistants, and two patrol vehicles. But officials say that’s just a fraction of what a new study says is needed.

Police Chief Scott McCollum says there are currently 145 officers on his staff. A recent study determined 23 more are needed immediately to address the amount of service calls the department receives.
As the population continues to grow so will the demand.

“The dignitaries that visit this community, the special events that we have, the major events like football games. There is a certain uniqueness that warrants us to take a look at the resources we need to provide as a city,” said McCollum.

Getting that many officers funded and staffed won't happen anytime soon. The 2020 budget proposal adds a few new positions at a cost of more than a million dollars to the taxpayer.

McCollum says that is why he uses a strategic approach. Utilizing police assistants, interns and volunteers to get the job done.

"These avenues have really proven positive for us to be able to pull our community into the walls of the police department,” he said.