Subdivision resident sets up raffle to fix road in disarray

Published: Aug. 24, 2016 at 10:22 PM CDT
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Talk to Rhonda Edwards for just a short while and you'll feel her frustration. Her road to this point has been long and bumpy.

Edwards lives off of Brittany Lane in the County Line Estates subdivision at the Grimes-Waller County line, and has for 16 years. While many in the Brazos Valley were happy with this week's rain, it made this road all but impassible.

"Houston's pothole problem?" Edwards asked. "I think we could consume every street in Houston's pothole problem in this subdivision."

Rhonda says the estimates she got for what a road like this would actually cost to repair are in the hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Now, she's taken matters into her own hands, trying to raise the money for at least a solid, temporary fix.

Edwards has set up a raffle. A nearby Lego artist is donating his skills and time to make art as the raffle prize. She talked about how an eight-year old boy even donated money into her jar.

"Those are the kinda people that I feel like I really owe it to follow through, to see this through, to do what the community needs," she said.

People like seven-year old Krystal House, who, when she goes on a vacation with her family, just wants to be able to get some shut-eye.

"Like if they're going to New Orleans or Florida, they would probably wanna take a nap. They would probably wanna take a nap on the way home," House said.

But to take a road trip, you also want your vehicle to be in working order. Because of the road messing up her car, Edwards said she "had to have the other front wheel frame replaced because it cracked in two."

To help the community's cause. you can visit their GoFundMe page, which is linked with this story.