Survey: Kids aren't drinking enough water, just sugary beverages

Published: May. 1, 2019 at 4:49 PM CDT
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More and more, kids aren't drinking water, but they are drinking sugar.

A new study suggests that sports drinks and sodas are fully replacing water for some kids. The survey found that one in every five children are not drinking water at all.

Jennifer Harris, a pediatric nurse practitioner from Baylor Scott & White Health, joined First News at Four to discuss.

"It's becoming even more of a problem," said Harris. "Mostly because of the availability of these sugary drinks; plus, we know juice tastes better to them than plain water."

However, Harris says it's vital that children consume water for their health and development. She even has suggestions for how parents can help that happen.

"Put it in a fun water bottle, usually with a straw, and make it accessible to them all the time," said Harris. "Also, cut up fruit and put it in the water. It'll make it taste better to them without adding a bunch of extra empty calories."

See the video player above for the full conversation.

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