TAME Traveling Trailblazor stops in the Brazos Valley

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HEARNE, Tex. (KBTX) - A one-of-a-kind science museum on wheels made a stop in the Brazos Valley Thursday at the Smith-Welch Memorial Library in Hearne.

"I want to try," said 4-year-old Parker. The exciting, hands on activity is exactly what the Texas Alliance for Minorities in Engineering is hoping for.

This is the TAME 40-foot trailblazer science on wheels exhibit and they've got just about everything; from space and energy, to biotechnology and weather. There are 20 hands on exhibits that relate to STEM jobs that kids can interact with.

"There's all kinds of cool stuff in there and its fun to do," said Ayden.
Five year old Raheem wanted to learn about space.

This is one of two trailblazers traveling around Texas. They've educated more than half a million visitors since 1996.

"The most fun way to do science is to do it and not just listen to someone lecture about it," said trailblazer facilitator, V.J. Willis.

However, it's much more than just fun.

"It's a big need. Last year in Texas there were 28,000 STEM jobs that they had to go outside of the state or outside of the nation to find qualified people," said Willis. That's why library director Kelly Hover brought this science exhibit on wheels to the Smith Welch Memorial Library.

"Hopefully something will just kind of tick in their brain and say 'wow that's what I want to be when I grow up'," said Hover. That's what happened for six year old Slayton who wants to be an electrician.

His younger brother, Parker, loved everything about the TAME traveling trailblazer.

If you missed the TAME trailblazer Thursday, it will be in Franklin on Friday June 30th at the Carnegie Library from 9am to 1pm.