TAMU student creating device that could help save lives

COLLEGE STATION, Tex. (KBTX) Matthew Curtis is a senior majoring in Mechanical Engineering at Texas A&M.

During his four years in the Marine Corps, he began thinking of ways he could improve the tourniquets they were issued. It wasn’t until after he came to the university that he was able to put his plan into action.

His side project has now turned into something that could potentially become his career.

The tourniquet is designed for military use, but he believes civilians can benefit from this also. Although it is intended for people with little to no medical training, he says his goal is to make a product that is less of a hassle to use in a high stress environment.

“The more they have to concentrate on what they’re doing, the likelier it is that they’ll do something wrong. The more they have to use fine motor skills, the more they’re going to do that wrong because they’re pumped with adrenaline. Your hands start shaking and it’s hard to concentrate,” said Curtis.

After graduation, Curtis plans to get his Masters in Business and will continue to work on perfecting his product for use.