TAMU using virtual reality to take SXSW attendees around the world

AUSTIN, Tex. (KBTX) – For the second year in a row, Texas A&M University is making big waves at the SXSW Conference this week in Austin.

The university hosted a discovery house during interactive week themed after its Land, Sea, and Space grant mission.

The conference expects nearly 100,000 people through its four-day trade show. University officials say they took that opportunity to showcase to the business world the work and research A&M is doing as a Global research institution.

“When your future proofing the world against disaster from things like Hurricane Harvey,” said Shane Hinckley, the University's Vice President of Brand and Development. “When it comes to how to repair and how to recover we’re leading the way. So it’s more than just going and getting a degree. It's things that make an impact on your daily life.”

Texas A&M was one of only three universities represented on the SXSW interactive week exhibit floor. The university's booth displayed a new set of 360 virtual reality video’s highlighting A&M researchers and students across the globe.

“It’s gone from photo galleries to 360 immersive environments,” said Michael Green with the university's Emerging and Interactive Media Department.

“Texas A&M is global we don’t just hang out in college station. We do things all over the world,” said Green.

From London to Peru, the Marketing and Communications team is following researchers and students to tell their stories in 360 virtual reality.

“VR gives the viewer the power,” said Green. “It’s not just the camera is not just a window you’re there in the scene.”

“It gave me a better idea of what it would be like if my daughter would go to Germany and study abroad with Texas A&M,” said Peter Plante a ticket holder at the conference.

“You really get the full breadth of the story,” said Green. “When you want to watch it more than once.”

Officials say there is a pair of A&M Google goggles in every Texas high school counselor’s office for students to take virtual tours of the campus and to check out the university's global impact.

You can check out all ten of the 360 global videos by logging on to the university's YouTube channel by clicking here.