TCU player's 'Shag' haircut gets national attention

Published: Mar. 14, 2018 at 7:02 AM CDT
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In trending news, a unique haircut is changing the face of a Texas basketball team, Jupiter's "red dot" is changing, and old fire hoses are getting new life at the Denver Zoo.

First up, as TCU enters March Madness, they do so with possibly the biggest trend setter in college basketball. Senior forward Kenrich Williams is ready for the national stage with his highly criticized hairstyle known as the "Shag." The hair is cut close on the top, but sticks out in the back.

Williams has seen all the tweets making fun of his haircut, but nothing makes him laugh as much as what is said by opposing fans in the stands. He says at a recent game on the road, they starting calling him "Lunch Lady" because they thought his haircut resembled that of a person wearing a hairnet.

Also trending, we're learning a little about the planet Jupiter's "great red spot". The "spot" is actually a giant, spinning storm that's been seen on Jupiter ever since people started looking at it through telescopes nearly 200 years ago.

Now, NASA researchers say the spot is changing in size and look. While it's been shrinking for the last 150 years, it's actually growing taller too. NASA says it's a sign that the great red storm, like many storms, constantly changes in size, shape and wind shift.

Lastly, some of the animals at the Denver Zoo are giving new life to old fire hoses. On Monday, firefighters from the Denver Fire Department and Arvada Fire Department donated hundreds of feet of old fire hoses to the zoo.

With the help of some student volunteers, the zoo weaved the hoses into ladders, hammocks, feeders and toys for the animals. The hoses can replace old ropes and less durable materials in the animal enclosures.