TEEX holds explosive breacher training

BRYAN, Tex. (KBTX) It’s been an explosive week out at the Rellis Campus in Bryan.

Twice a year TEEX holds an explosive breaching course. The week long course teaches first responders and military personnel how to safely gain entry during hostage or barricaded situations.

Chris Ennis is the instructor of the course and says the goal is to use as little amount of explosives as they can.

"We’ll reduce the weight on that door every shot until we hit a point of failure and once we hit that point of failure we know we're down to the bare minimum of explosives we can use and still get the positive entry," said Ennis.

It’s not as easy as it sounds.

"There's somebody doing five pages of paperwork that's documenting things, drawing it again, doing a 3-D dimension of this drawing so they can go back and create that charge six years from now,” said Ennis.

Each day gets harder for the team with different scenarios they have to work out. The end goal is to pass a final test and take what they’ve learned into the real world.

“We're trying to get them that knowledge so that they can take it back and expand on it when they get back to their own departments,” said Ennis.