TEEX offers free citizen disaster recovery course

COLLEGE STATION - In the past few weeks, storms and tornados across the state have claimed the lives of innocent residents.

In an effort to help communities, the Texas A&M Engineering Extension Service is offering a new course designed for anyone who could be involved in a disaster event.

The class is called Search and Rescue in Community Disasters, and it was created last year after researchers found a gap in public preparedness.

TEEKS instructor Susann Brown told KBTX, “Our research found there was nothing that outlines what you do after a disaster occurs.”

The two-day course teaches different search techniques and awareness for who should be helped first.

“The people that actually do the most rescues are those that are involved in the communities where those disasters occurred,” said Brown.

Instructors also teach the importance of establishing a leader and executing a proper plan.

The class is funded through homeland security and is free to the public.

Times and locations are listed online at the TEEX website, which is attached with this story.