Taco Bell testing out candy filled quesadilla

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Trending this morning, Taco Bell is testing out a new dessert to add to its menu, plus Fiona the hippo goes viral yet again after a perfectly timed photobomb, and Star Wars goes from a galaxy far, far away to a northeast Ohio neighborhood.

First up, Taco Bell has created a tasty new treat. It's similar to a quesadilla, but instead of melted cheese, it has a Kit-Kat bar melted inside the tortilla. This crazy concoction is being called a "Choco-la-dilla" and it costs just $1.

Taco Bell has already tested it at locations in the United Kingdom and word is, choco-la-dillas will soon be available at certain restaurants in Wisconsin. News about choco-la-dillas has been trending on social media. Reaction has run the gamut from disgust to serious interest and excitement. There is one potential marketing problem for the company. The word 'la-dilla' in Spanish can mean crab lice, so taco bell may want to change the name soon.

Also trending today, Cincinnati Zoo's Fiona the hippo has been viral sensation since birth, so it would be no surprise if she didn't like sharing her spotlight. Fiona pulled off a feel-good photobomb during a marriage proposal at the zoo.

Nick Kelbe popped the question to girlfriend Hayley Roll in front of the hippo exhibit and Fiona presided over the proposal. The couple, who are huge Fiona fans, posted the pics online. They said they were happy she could be a part of their special day

Finally, not that long ago, in a galaxy in northeast Ohio, a Star Wars fan built an out-of-this-world Halloween display for his house. Nick Meyer built this replica of an AT-AT walker from "The Empire Strikes Back." It's two-stories tall and weighs more than 1,000 pounds

The Parma man started the project back in April and worked on it every weekend. Meyer says Halloween is his family's favorite holiday, so they pull out all the stops. In years past, they've built a pirate ship, a clown house, and a "Friday the 13th" cabin. The force is strong with this year's display, though