Teen in critical condition after being struck by intoxicated driver

Published: Sep. 16, 2019 at 5:02 PM CDT
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Texas A&M University student Carly Beatty, 19, remains in critical condition after being struck by a vehicle early Saturday morning.

The driver, 17-year-old Pedro Puga was charged with driving while intoxicated. He told police he had Xanax and cocaine earlier that night.

Now, her friends and family are at Memorial Hermann-Texas Medical Center in Houston as Beatty undergoes surgeries and begins to heal. Beatty’s sorority sister Bri Copeland says Beatty is hanging on to her life.

“You can tell like that she’s fighting for her life, and that she’s fighting to be here and that she wants to live,” said Copeland “She’s still in very critical condition, we’re just worried about her brain right now, it’s the main thing we’re worried about.”

In the arrest report made Saturday, Puga told police he “doesn’t deal with laws.” Copeland says she hopes drivers think twice before getting behind the wheel.

“People just need to be more responsible and think more about their actions and how it can affect someone else,” said Copeland “She’ll never forget this, even if she doesn’t remember the accident she’ll never forget this time in her life.”

A fundraiser on Facebook was made to help Beatty’s family pay for medical expenses. In just two days they have raised nearly $40,000.

if you would like to make a donation.