Texas A&M students study crane safety after Dallas accident

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COLLEGE STATION, Tex. (KBTX) - One person died and five others were injured after a construction site crane crashed into a Dallas apartment building Sunday afternoon.

The accident happened during a storm the saw winds of up to 70 miles-an-hour. The crane slowly tilted in the air before smashing into a five-story apartment building across the street from the construction site, destroying several units and turning the parking garage into a pile of debris and twisted cars.

Rescue crews found a 29-year-old victim dead inside an apartment. Officials said two others were critically injured, two seriously injured and one person sustained minor injuries.

Texas A&M Construction Science Students are talking about the accident. Monday on campus, a class was learning about construction science safety practices. Their lecturer talked to them about the hazards of operating cranes.

"There's three ways to have an accident, and what would those be? Operator, equipment and environmental. So wind also has a factor when you're looking at cranes, as well as a risk factor," said Anne McGowan, a Texas A&M College of Architecture Instructional Professor.

The class also studied other examples of crane accidents in their lesson Monday.