Texas A&M opens Money Education center for students

COLLEGE STATION With two barks from Reveille and the cut of a ribbon, Texas A&M officially dedicated its new Money Education Center on Campus.

Opened in August, the center was created to educate A&M students about money and how to manage it.

"We have 60 thousand students on campus, all of them need to know about money, " said center director Nick Kilmer.

In 2014, seven in 10 college seniors graduated with some sort of college debt, with an average of nearly 29 thousand dollars, that's according to the institute for college access and success. However at A&M, the situation is better.

"Our average indebtedness for an undergraduate who graduated from College Station in 2014-2015 was about 23 thousand dollars," Kilmer said.

Located in the Pavilion, the center accepts walk in visitors and one on one appointments and provides money management presentations across campus.

"We can help them credit cards, credit scores, investing, "Kilmer said. "We can help them prevent identity theft, along with a host of other things that everyone has to, at some point, make a decision on."

For more information on the Money Education Center, visit money.tamu.edu or call (979) 845 SAVE (7283).