Texas A&M student performs with Springsteen

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COLLEGE STATION, Tex. (KBTX) - On Friday, Texas A&M sophomore Matthew Aucoin had an experience that rocked his world: a chance to perform with the legendary Bruce Springsteen.

He held up a sign saying, "Can a college kid play 'No Surrender' with you?"

Aucoin didn't know if Springsteen would notice the sign at all from his stage in Philadelphia, but that's when the unexpected happened to the 19-year-old from Spring. The Boss looked to his bandmates for approval and invited Matthew on stage.

Aucoin said it didn't phase him that he was performing in front of 50,000 people, but said he was more in awe of the fact he was next to someone he had looked up to all his life.

The two shared the mic and rocked out like they had performed together for years, making the same gestures and entertaining the crowd. What you'd never expect is Aucoin had learned the song just days before and has played guitar less than a year.

He says he has been practicing guitar for at least an hour everyday since he got one for Christmas.

From being someone who loves Springsteen to having this chance, Aucoin is unsure of what the future holds. He may not get to perform with Springsteen again, but he will forever have the memories of that September night in Philly.