A&M students talk to astronaut on International Space Station

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BRYAN, Tex. (KBTX) - Students at Texas A&M University had an experience that was out of this world.

On Thursday, students at the Health Science Center and other campuses joined a video conference call with an astronaut serving aboard the International Space Station. Dr. Serena Aunon Chancellor works as a physician and engineer and has been on the station several months.

Students learned about the challenges working in space and the impacts working in that environment has on a person's health.

"It's an incredible opportunity. Particularly, to get to ask her a question, talk to someone actually up in space is a really unique opportunity," said
Sarah Little, a Texas A&M Doctoral Student in Health and Kinesiology.

"It's really fascinating the work she gets to do, specifically, as a physician astronaut getting to be involved in the research up there," Little added.

Researchers with the university are looking at ways to keep astronauts healthier during their time in space.