Texas A&M Task Force 1 activated ahead of severe weather

COLLEGE STATION, Tex. (KBTX) - In College Station, members of Texas A&M Task Force 1 are prepared for anything Friday night as severe weather hits the state of Texas.

"We're packed up. we're ready to move within 30 minutes of getting a callout," said James McNeely, a member of the task force.

Members said they're hoping for the best but have trained for the worst, especially tornadoes.

"Possibly tonight, if a tornado comes through, we'll be doing some damage assessment and assisting our local fire departments and the locals with any needs that they're unable to meet with; possibly with more manpower, doing search and rescue and then shoring up buildings, and then just basically supporting local departments with any assets they may need," said McNeely

"We generally start to the place where to tornado started and we do what we called 'wide-area search. 911's not working anymore, nobody can call in because their phones aren't working anymore, so we go door-to-door systematically to make sure nobody is left behind," said Jeff Saunders, the director of the task force.

During these storms, task force members recommend staying indoors and off roads.