Texas A&M Task Force 1 prepares for more deployments ahead of heavy rains

Published: May. 9, 2019 at 9:35 PM CDT
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More severe storms are forecast for the Brazos Valley and other parts of the state this weekend. Texas A&M Task Force 1 and 2 have already deployed multiple resources.

The Texas A&M Task Force provides Water Rescue Squads, Helicopter Rescue Technicians, and a TX-TF2 Urban Search & Rescue team to support the State.

As water levels continue to rise around the state after heavy rainfall from previous storms Palmer Buck, the water group supervisor, says the team is preparing to deploy more teams at a moment’s notice.

"These teams are activated and spaced around the state ready to respond to any flooding event,” says Buck.

Buck says these types of flooding events have ramped up recently.

"The men and women of the swift water boat squad have had a lot of experience, unfortunately, in the last few years,” says Buck.

The team has been deployed 61 times in the last five years. In the last few weeks, they’ve already been called out three times.

"Because we've seen the more significant events, the state has been more proactive recently. They’re actually activating teams ahead of predicted weather events,” Buck says.

In response to early activation, Buck says team members make sure they are ready to go immediately.

"Our crews in a lot of cases are standing by ready to respond once that rain event happens because we have such good predicted models of where we need to be,” says Buck.

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