Texas A&M Task Force 1 and 2 train for pipeline explosions at Disaster City

Published: Feb. 23, 2020 at 3:21 PM CST
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Team members from Texas A&M Task Force 1 and 2 deployed to Disaster City on Sunday for annual training.

This year, team members responded to a pipeline explosion scenario and were tasked to pull victims from the rubble in hazardous situations.

"When we deploy we want to do the best for the most people in the least amount of time,” said Texas A&M Task Force 1 team member Christy Bormann.

Bormann says it is important for them to practice in the most realistic settings as possible.

“Being able to have these giant rubble piles that we are hiding people in is very important for our goal of having people ready for a real response,” said Bormann.

Over 100 people volunteered to be rescued underneath rubble piles, as both teams cut through concrete and burrowed through tunnels to save them.

“We are able to do all that by using all kinds of technological tools like cameras and listening devices,” Bormann said.

All to ensure efficiency and safety when the next disaster hits.

"It lets us respond faster, more safely, and more effectively when we train these things,” said Bormann.